Building your online presence but do not yet have a website? Link your Facebook page to your website, or make Facebook your main online presence with DNS Gateway SPIN solution. The DNS Gateway solution allows customers to SPIN their Domains and redirect to a web page of their choice with email forwarding. Only 1 domain spin can be set and A maximum of 3 email spins can be set.

No website yet? No problem. Many businesses use Facebook as their primary online presence and with the DNS Gateway SPIN Solution you can register a domain name (or web address) and redirect it to your Facebook page. Also known as web forwarding, you create a rule that all visitors to your domain name be directed to a web location of your choice (in this case your Facebook page). all visitors to your domain name be directed to a web location of your choice (in this case your Facebook page).

Getting Started

Access the DNS Portal for Gateway Resellers – If you have not signed up to be a DNS Gateway Reseller, you can sign up here to begin the process of becoming an accredited Registrar.


Click on the Web-RAR menu option on the homescreen. Register, transfer and manage existing domains here. There are 250+ domain extensions available! Spin your domains with simple, email and web forwarding.

The Web-RAR Login screen will appear. Utilise the EPP password that was sent to the user during registration process on DNS Gateway. It was sent via e-mail.


After completion of the Log in step the Web-Rar Home screen will open. The Web-Rar Dashboard will show the Domains, Expiring domains and Messages related to the registrar as a summary on the homepage.

Information is provided regarding the .africa domain and the Pricelist on other available TLDs.


DNS Gateway Web-RAR homepage

Web-RAR Dashboard

  1. Web-RAR Dashboard: Active domains registered by registrar in terms of Domains (information similar to My Domains tab)
  2. New Domain: Determine if a domain already exists – search function.
  3. My Domains: Domains already registered by a registrar.
  4. Contacts: Users that have worked on the system and who has access.
  5. Messages: History of actions with registry.
  6. Pricelist: pricing on other available TLDs

Register New Domain

From above, our initial goal was to register a domain name (or web address) using the DNS Gateway solution and redirect it to your Facebook page (in this case).

DS Gateway Register New Domain

  1. Click on the New Domain tab.
  2. Type in the Domain Name required.
  3. Click on Check Availability in order to determine if the Domain Name exists/is available.
  4. A list of available domains will appear.