DNS Gateway

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The DNS Gateway is a Domain Name Reseller Platform by DNS Africa for non-ICANN accredited domain name registrars and Domain Resellers that allows a Registrar/Reseller to provision multiple namespaces, using one integration.

The DNS Gateway Domain Name Reseller Platform offers a simple integration via EPP, API, WHMCS or web based platform.

The DNS Gateway offers a passthrough solution for ZACR accredited Registrars who wish to make use of the API to transact with the ZACR namespaces.

As a DNS Gateway accredited Registrar With the Gateway Reseller Program, you can become a domains reseller for –

Domains : Over 209 TLDs

As an ICANN Accredited Registrar, DNS is integrated with various global registries and continues to increase the portfolio, which a Gateway accredited Registrar can benefit from without having to on-board and integrate multiple times.

There are no fees to Sign up on The DNS Portal available to Registrars to begin interacting with Gateway.

You will need to Top up your prepaid Gateway account to begin transacting.

DNS Africa provides a single point of integration and account management for Domain Name resellers known as the Gateway Reseller Portal.

The main purposes of the Domain Reseller Portal include:

  • Onboarding new resellers
  • Managing account access at a departmental level
  • Activation of OT&E and production environments
  • Online source of all DNS Africa technical and policy documentation
  • Access to TLDs for which DNS Africa is integrated with
  • Managing funds and credits
  • Access to graphs related to reseller activity and growth

DNS Africa offers customer support during office hours from 06h00 UTC to 15h00 UTC. Support calls outside office hours are dealt with based on severity.

All other reseller support queries must be lodged through the Reseller Portal support section.