A quick guide to the DNS Africa Gateway system, its implementations, standards and configurations.


DNS Africa provides a single point of integration and account management for resellers known as the DNS Portal and includes the following features:

  • Onboarding new resellers
  • Managing account access at a departmental level
  • Activation of OT&E and production environments
  • Online source of all DNS Africa technical and policy documentation
  • Access to TLDs for which DNS Africa is integrated with
  • Managing funds and credits
  • Access to graphs related to reseller activity and growth

The DNS Gateway provides a single unified integration allowing domain name resellers to access multiple namespaces.

If you are a DNS Gateway Reseller, you can log in to the DNS Portal to manage your account, top up and use the Web-RAR to manage your domains.

Access The DNS Portal

To begin the process of becoming an accredited Registrar, complete the sign-up process on the DNS Gateway Portal available at the following web address

DNS Portal: User Access Screen


DNS Gateway Portal

  1. Users already registered on DNS Portal will select a social account
  2. Users already registered on DNS Portal will type in their Password
  3. New Users must select the Register option.
  4. Click on Forgot password? if you cannot remember the password

Registration of a User Account

If you have not signed up to be a DNS Gateway Reseller, you can sign up here to begin the process of becoming an accredited Registrar.

DNS Gateway Portal

  1. Fill in the User’s First Name
  2. Fill in the User’s Last name
  3. Fill in the User’s Telephone number +00. (international dialing code) 000000000 (the 9 digit telephone number)
  4. Fill in the User’s E-Mail address
  5. Capture a Password
  6. Select the Register button in order to continue to the following screen
  7. Alternatively select a social account to use to register a new user account.

After clicking on the Register button you will receive this pop-up notification –

DNS Gateway Portal


  • Click on the OK button to continue
  • An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you captured in order to verify the address captured by the new user.

DNS Portal Registration verify email

  1. The user who registered will receive an e-mail from DNS Portal Support.
  2. The user will be requested to click on the Verify Account link.
  3. The link will take the user back to the original Login page.

Access DNS Portal

access DNS Portal

  1. Registration of an User Account is now completed.
  2. Type in the user E-mail address typed in during the registration process.
  3. Type in the user Password typed in during the registration process.
  4. Click on the Login button to proceed to the portal.

The user will automatically be taken to the DNS Portal Dashboard screen that contains notifications of recent system changes and updates.

DNS Gateway welcome


Access to DNS Portal – Create an Account

DNS Gateway Portal

  1. Select or click on the Account button in order to commence with creation of a new user account.
  2. Please populate the different areas/tabs as listed on the screen.
  3. Please ensure that you have the correct and updated information at hand to complete all the required fields listed within the different tabs.


On the first tab fill in all the information regarding the user’s/registrar’s Company

DNS Gateway Portal

  1. Account Name: fill in the name you would like to call your account. e.g Gateway Domains
  2. Fill in the Contact Telephone number +00. (international dialing code) 000000000 (the 9 digit telephone number)
  3. Fill in the fields provided with information regarding Billing Address.  This information is compulsory.

The DNS Gateway Reseller Programme

As a Gateway accredited Registrar With the Gateway Program, you can become a domains reseller for Over 200 TLDs.

The DNS Gateway is a solution for non-ICANN accredited Resellers who wish to access multiple namespaces via one integrated platform. Gateway offers a simple integration via EPP, API, WHMCs or web based platform.

The Gateway offers a passthrough solution for ZACR accredited Registrars who wish to make use of the API to transact with the ZACR namespaces.

Sign up on The DNS Portal available to Resellers to begin interacting with Gateway