Bulk Transfers

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There are several options to consider when transferring a domain portfolio in bulk from another Registrar to us.

As part of the first step we require a list of the domain names that must be transferred. This is so we can separate them into the various TLDs. From here we can then identify which of those TLD Registry Operators offer bulk transfer options (BTAPPA) and which may require a different approach.

Depending on the size  of the list with each BTAPPA supported Registry Operator a calculation would need to be made on the cost. Some Registry Operators charge fees for bulk transfer requests. These fees would need to be covered.

For zones without many domain names, we would recommend manual intervention and doing these transfers on a one by one process.

Finally we can also obtain a list of domain names with authorisation codes from you and initiate transfers on these names in an automated process. 

It is also important to note that your balance on Gateway would need to be sufficient enough to accommodate the transfer fees where applicable.

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If you are thinking about bulk transferring your domain names to your Gateway portfolio, please reach out to us so we can review the best possible option for you.

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