DNS Portal User Manual

Signing up to be a DNS Gateway Reseller

The DNS Portal for Gateway Domain Resellers –

A quick guide to the DNS Africa Gateway system, its implementations, standards and configurations.


The DNS Gateway provides a single unified integration allowing domain name resellers to access multiple namespaces.

If you are a DNS Gateway Reseller, you can log in to the DNS Portal to manage your account, top up and use the Web-RAR to manage your domains.

Access DNS Portal

  1. Type in the following web address in the web browser or click on the link provided : https://portal.dns.business

DNS Portal: User Access Screen


DNS Gateway Portal

Don’t have an account? New Users must select the Register option


DNS Gateway Portal

Registration of an User Account

  1. Fill in the User’s First Name
  2. Fill in the User’s Last name
  3. Fill in the User’s Telephone number +00. (international dialing code) 000000000 (the 9 digit telephone number)
  4. Fill in the User’s E-Mail address
  5. Capture a Password
  6. Select the Register button in order to continue to the following screen
  7. Users can also select a social account to register a new user account


DNS Gateway Portal

  1. After clicking on the Register button you will receive this pop-up notification
  2. Click on the OK button to continue
  3. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you captured in order to verify the address captured by the new user.

Access to DNS Portal – Create an Account

DNS Gateway Portal

  1. Select or click on the Account button in order to commence with creation of a new user account.
  2. Please populate the different areas/tabs as listed on the screen.
  3. Please ensure that you have the correct and updated information at hand to complete all the required fields listed within the different tabs.

DNS Gateway Portal

On the first tab fill in all the information regarding the user’s/registrar’s Company

  1. Account Name: fill in the name you would like to call your account. e.g Gateway Domains
  2. Fill in the Contact Telephone number +00. (international dialing code) 000000000 (the 9 digit telephone number)
  3. Fill in the fields provided with information regarding Billing Address.  This information is compulsory.