DNS Portal

Sign up procedure:
  1. Sign up on https://portal.dns.business
  2. Complete your account information
  3. Navigate to Integration > Gateway
  4. Sign the Gateway Agreements and Addendum
  5. Request Testing Credentials
  6. Request Live Credentials
  7. Give DNS your credentials to use the ZACR pass-through option
  8. Top up your account
  9. Transact

The DNS Portal is the platform available to the Registrars interacting with Gateway and/or directly with a Registry that DNS (Domain Name Services) provides backend services to.

DNS Gateway Solution

  • Integration

    The Gateway Solution is built to make integration as seamless and intuitive as possible. A Registrar can integrate with Gateway via EPP, a JSON API or WHMCS plugin, all of which are fully documented.

  • Portfolio Growth

    As an ICANN Accredited Registrar, DNS is integrated with various global registries and continues to increase the portfolio, which a Gateway accredited Registrar can benefit from without having to on-board and integrate multiple times.

  • Competitive Pricing

    DNS will offer competitive pricing for all domain name spaces that it offers through the Gateway Solution, due to the economies of scale that DNS benefits from.

  • Online Registrar Functionality

    Gateway allows for web-interfaced Registrar functionality to perform all the actions normally performed through the API. This ensures that any action can be performed in emergency situations. In the future, Registrars will have access to premium features without further integration. This feature is available on the DNS Portal.

  • Local Support

    DNS will provide full technical support to Registrars for the API, its integration, any arising issues or queries, and server maintenance to the testing server. General support will be provided Monday to Friday between 7am and 5pm SAST with an expected maximum of 24-hour turn-around time. Emergency support will also be available for after hour requirements. Details will be provided in a mutually agreed SLA.

  • Centralised Billing

    The API is directly linked to the financial system. This enables DNS to generate and provide centralised billing files (CSV format) for download on the DNS Portal.

  • Reporting

    All transactions are logged for both Gateway and direct integrations of DNS managed Registries. Live and historic reports related to each zone, and overall are available on the Portal for printing, downloading and viewing.

  • Pass-through

    In the event that a Registrar has been directly accredited with a Registry, but wishes to consolidate their portfolio reporting and their backend systems, Gateway allows the Registrar to use those credentials as a pass-through for any of the Gateway zones for a small administration fee.

The majority of Registries offer a "Bulk Migration" option for Registrars who need to migrate large volumes of domain names or entire portfolios that belong to a single client.

The Bulk Migration Process typically involves:

  1. Profile Management with multiple users and roles
  2. Gateway API documentation
  3. Management Information Statistics
  4. EPP Wiki with example XML relevant to namespace/policy implementation
  5. Registrar Functionality (Web-RAR)
  6. Namespace marketing material downloads

The Bulk Migration Process requirements may differ depending on the registry operator. If a registry operator allows Bulk Migrations, DNS will work with the Registrar to carry out the Bulk Migration process.

It must be noted that TLDs require a domain name to be renewed directly after a successful transfer. This means that once transferred, a renewal charge for the domain name will be processed. The majority of Registries that offer Bulk Migration services typically charge a fee for the service. This bulk migration fee is typically determined as follows:

  • A base fee, excluding the associated charge to renew the domain name after the transfer; and/or
  • A fee based on a percentage of the renewal value of the domain names being transferred, excluding the associated charge to renew the domain name after the transfer.