A Registrar can integrate with Gateway via EPP, a JSON API or WHMCS plugin.

Reseller Model

Gateway accredited Registrars can benefit without having to on-board and integrate multiple times.


Competitive pricing for all domain name spaces.

Gateway Web-RAR

Gateway allows for web-interfaced Registrar functionality to perform all the actions normally performed through the API.

Local Support

DNS will provide full technical support to Registrars for the API, its integration, any arising issues or queries.


The Gateway offers a passthrough solution for ZACR accredited Registrars who wish to make use of the API to transact with the ZACR namespaces.

Gateway Domain Name Reseller Platform
Gateway Domain Name Reseller Platform

Multiple namespaces, one integrated platform.

The DNS Gateway is a solution for Domain name resellers who want to access multiple namespaces via one integrated platform.

Simple integration

Cost Effective

Access 209+ TLDs


Web-RAR Interface

Local Support

Single point of integration and account management

The DNS Portal is an online user interface that allows Gateway Customers to manage their account as well as a full service Web-RAR

Get started
Gateway Domain Name Reseller Platform

Domain Spin setup & e-mail forwarding

Responsive design makes Gateway render well on a variety of devices

Live web chat & local support channel

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